Those in the viral community will remember that Russell Brand recently went viral online when he was invited onto MSNBC’s Morning Joe program and completely pulled the rug from under the hosts’ feet. 

The web loved the segment as Brand basically took over the show, helping just one copy on YouTube amass over 8 million views

Now, Russell is again trending online after appearing on the BBC Newsnight show with Jeremy Paxman.

Among many other political issues, he explains why a growing number of people don’t vote anymore–not out of apathy, but as to not be complicit with a system they view as corrupt–and encourages more young people not to participate. 

At first, Jeremy attempts to stand up to Brand’s views, but by the end even he seems to understand.

“Aren’t you more bored than anyone?” Russell asked Jeremy who could only nod. “Haven’t you been talking year after year listening to their lies, then it’s this one gets in, then it’s that one, but the problem continues.”

“There’s going to be a revolution. This is the end.” Russell dramatically closed his interview with.