Halloween is the holiday of candy, but what happens when adults give kids ‘healthy candy’ instead? Will they know the difference?

Crest attempted to find out and held an adorable market research investigation. They gave a slew of kids veggie-flavored ‘candies’ and health treats, all with no sugar. 

Naturally, the kids hated the ‘candy’ and nearly revolted. 

“This is the most worst I ever tasted,” confessed one kid. 

After their inquiry, the oral health company advises parents to ditch the health food for just this one night. 

“Dig into Halloween candy and keep your teeth cavity-free with Crest toothpastes and Oral-B toothbrushes.”

Crest published the video two weeks ago, but the video is trending more than ever as Halloween approaches, and stands with over 900,000 views