This adorable commercial for Robinsons ‘Be Natural’ juice appears to show what the inside of a birdhouse looks like, and is simply enthralling.

The bird home looks just like a human house with a few birdie twists, such as bird TV and even a cuckoo clock with a man saying ‘hello’ at the top of the hour instead of a bird.   

 explains in a Q&A that the dazzling effects were done with very little CGI.

“Pretty much everything you see on screen was done for real, in-camera. It was hard work, but I think this made it more controllable, and more fun.”

So how did they get the real bird to ‘act’ in the commercial. 

“The key to the trick was birdseed.” 

The advert was originally introduced online in 2009 by Andy McLeod from London-based agency Rattling Stick, but is beginning to trend again now after appearing on popular sites, such as 22Words and TastefullyOffensive.