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Biggest Eagles Fan Freaks Out On The News After Eagles Beat The Cowboys

Mr. G is the unofficial biggest Eagles fan. After the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Dallas Cowboys 24-22 on Sunday to…

Found it

Biggest Price Is Right Winner Wins Audi R8 Spyder Sports Car

As a part of their Best Of 2013, The Price Is Right merged Big Money Week and Dream Car Week to…

KUTV Reporter Passes Out And Falls On Air, Finishes Segment Anyways

KUTV 2 News reporter Brooke Graham is a true professional.  Just as she was beginning a segment on cross country skiing…

The Lion King Kitten Edition

The Pet Collective loves to cover pop culture phenomenons with an adorable pet theme.  They last went viral with their precious…

A Wife’s Seductive Confession

Wut Up Bichez

Christmas Candy Dropped In Potassium Chlorate

Sadly, Christmas has come and gone.  But what do you with all the left over Christmas candy? Illusionist and science…

Mean Cat Keeps Blocking Second Cat From Food Bowl

Even though there are three bowls of food, this mean orange cat won't allow his feline friend to enjoy any…

IKEA Heights Soap Opera

IKEA Heights is a hilarious soap opera filmed in an open IKEA store without management's knowledge.  This first episode was posted…

Explosion At Russian Train Station In Volgograd

A suicide bomber attacked a train station in Volgograd, Russia on Sunday. This YouTube video posted by Petr Petrov shows footage from…




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