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Please Dont Do That MEME 2015

Playing Rescue With My Nephew MEMES

Tiger Jumping To Catch Meat In Slow Motion Is Glorious

Everyone online knows that cats are extremely agile, lithe, and athletic. That's just one reason why they are such captivating…

I Dont Know What To Do GIF 2015

Mom Vs. Reality MEME 2015

The Cup Song Performed With Guns

When I'm Gone, more commonly known as The Cup Song or simply Cups, was a popular musical trend started by…

Cigarettes MEMES

Awesome Stuff, Damn Good Stuff Sir, Good Stuff, Great, Awesome, Amazing GIF 2015

Heart of Stone MEME 2015

Very soon MEMES

Oldest Gymnast In The World Will Inspire You

Saying Johanna Quaas is an experienced gymnast is an understatement. Her first competition was in 1934, before World War II.…

Spill GIF 2015


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