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Not Sure If Cute Or Evil MEMES

Pilot Successfully Lands Boeing 747 With No Right Landing Gear

The pilot had just taken off from London towards Las Vegas when he became aware of a landing gear malfunction…

Professional Bowler Scores Perfect 300 Game

Professional Bowlers Association player Ronnie Russell threw a perfect game during the semi-final of the PBA Chameleon Championship. On his eleventh throw…

No No No No, No, Oh God No, Jim Parsons, Sheldon Cooper, Big Bang Theory, Sheldon GIF 2015

Y U NO MEME 2015

If you cant fix it MEMES

Taylor Swift’s Blank Space And Style Mash Up Music Video

Musicians Louisa Wendorff and Devin Dawson have exploded online ever since they collaborated to perform a unique cover of Taylor Swift. The two…

The Ultimate Trick To Debunk Conspiracy Theories

The Internet is a great place to educate yourself. The one problem is, there is a lot of misinformation out there.…

Safety First MEME 2015

Great Dane Is Much Too Big For Tiny Doggy Bed

Just like people, dogs will grow attached to certain objects from their childhood. The only problem for this dog is that…


Little Kid Adorably Reacts To Evidence That Santa Visited

All kids know that Santa Claus travels around the world on Christmas Eve to deliver toys and treats to all…



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