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Cat Wearing Cone Of Shame Figures Out Drinking Hack

It doesn't matter who is wearing it, every pet hates the cone-of-shame. And who can blame them? It looks terribly uncomfortable.…

Parrot Sick Of The Holidays Takes Down Toy Santa Claus

The holidays are a funny thing. At first, we're all excited to see our family, enjoy some delicious holiday treats,…

What A World Champion Whistler Sounds Like

Can you whistle? It's one of those fun tricks that many people can do. But like nearly everything these days, there…

OMG! I don’t think you understand

Worst Wifi Password Ever

We've all been there before. We're at our friend's house and we want to save some data on our cell…

What Happens When You Mix Coke And Bleach Is Surprising

Everyone knows that the strongest product in the cleaning aisle is bleach. It can kill nearly any stain, and ruin your favorite…

Mama Horse Teaches Baby Horse How To Jump

It doesn't matter the species, mom is always there to help out. In this touching video, a young horse can be…

Grandma Tries Virtual Reality For The First Time

What was once only science fiction, or cost even hundreds of thousands of dollars, can now be obtained for just…

Wanting a gap between your thighs

Simulator simulator

What It Sounds Like When Countless Cats Want To Be Fed

Karmanno has a daily ritual. Every day, when he opens his front door he is accosted by a giant herd of…

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