Welcome to the new VVV!

I wanted to wait until this point to introduce myself. A little over two months ago I took over from Ephraim, who I thank for the incredible job he has done over the past years. I am trying my best to get you the same entertainment you are used to, visiting VVV. Who I am? My name is Maik, I am 30 years old, from Germany, fan of pizza and Borussia Dortmund and a blogger for over ten years now. If you are into web culture and entertainment, feel free to visit some time, if you can understand German and you like tv series, go over to seriesly AWESOME. As of me not being a native English speaker, please grant me a gramatical failure here and there and feel free to correct me in the comments (and it could be that I am sleeping, when you are having daylight on the other side of the world). But we are not here to talk about me!

New design

As you can see, VVV got a rebranding. An orange play button, hand written letters and lots of minimalism. I wanted to clean up a bit and modernize the website, so you can access VVV from everywhere and everytime (if you have web access, of course).

Mobile optimized

I changed the theme to be responsive, so you can watch your viral videos on your smartphone without any troubles. I hope to have gotten every ratios and resolutions there are (should be about 489.161 different ones… still counting). If you happen to see a failure or glitch on your device, feel free to send me a mail about it, and I’m going to try to fix it.

Quick and reduced

One more goal was to make the website faster – spoken in data and usability. So from now on, you have a reduced overview on the front page, so you can check the newest videos and get to the ones you are keen to see, without scrolling through the whole page. Also much less scripts and data are being loaded. The whole theme just is made up of five image files (plus all the post and display banner related ones, of course). All in all VVV should be a lot quicker than before.

Same “viralnessy”

Of course I don’t want to change everything. You will still get to see the most awesome viral videos the internet have to offer. Hand picked and presented with love by me. I am still getting a hang on this, but I think we will have a lot of fun together. If you want to follow VVV, you can use the RSS Feed, become a fan on Facebook or a follower on Twitter.

I am looking forward to your feedback, how you like the new VVV. Yeah, change isn’t always the easiest thing, I know. But try it! I’d be happy to answer any questions or critic or praise in the comments.

Oh yeah, this is a video page, right? Then I’ll leave you with one of my all time favorites. Yay! \o/