Conan visited Berlin and brought a lot of videos back with him to the US. For me as a German this is very entertaining, although he plays with a lot of stereotypes. The whole special episode of his late night show can be watched at TeamCoco, here are the five videos they already did upload to YouTube as well.

“Conan visits the Berlin Wall and makes a few impulse buys at the Mauerpark Flea Market.”

“Thanks to his good buddy Flula, Conan learns a few choice German phrases as he downs an absurd amount of German beer.”

“Conan and Andy learn the Schuhplattler, a Bavarian folk dance that involves a lot of butt slapping.”

“Conan gets disciplined by professional dominatrix Lady Velvet Steel. His nipples may never be the same.”

“SADO OPERA is a pan-sexual, gender-fluid art punk performance band known for their extravagant and obscene shows. So it’s a perfect fit for Conan.”