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Puppy Dogs First Monday

18 September, 2019

Donkey Plays with Popped Toy

15 September, 2019



The Untold Truth Of Darth Vader

This video by Looper is trending right now, showing and explaining to us the truth about Star Wars character Darth


2 Year Old Skiing His First Powder Day

This recent video by TheHowtoDad got viral, showing his 2 year old having his first contact with powder snow by


10 Amazing Kitchen Gadgets You Should Try!

Furious Pete invited Crazy Russian Hacker over to his kitchen to show him some gadgets. This combination of YouTube power


Before And After Watching A Sports Anime

Some hilarious analysis trending right now by YouTuber ProZD about watching anime shows like "Attack No. 1" (or "Mila Superstar"


Fainting Man In Rollercoaster Set To Windows Sounds

ThierryTuyishimeTV uploaded this edit of a ever-fainting man in a rollercoaster set to the Windows sounds of booting / shutting


Is This The Internet?

Uhm, o-kay... This video by Poppy, from Youtube, The Internet, got viral with a quarter million views within two days.


100 Years Of Beauty: Sweden (Caroline)

In episode 28 of the series "100 Years of Beauty" by Cut we get to see beautiful Caroline dressed up


Watch 100 Metronomes Synchronizing Themselves

This video recorded by Ikeguchi Laboratory in January of 2015 is trending right now with over 100,000 views in the


The Most Silly Powerpoint Presentation Of All Time

Chocolate Cake City uploaded this hilarious presentation performed by Pierce Campion. "Matrix Powerpoint" already got a quarter million views within


This Is Why Your New Year’s Will SUCK!

It's always the same, isn't it? We all want to make New Year's Eve to the best evening and party


The Ultimate Christmas Fails Compilation

Within all the joy and quiteness around the holidays fails seem to have an even higher impact. Fail Army put


Giant Man Test Drives Mini Bike

This looks adorable! :) Matthew Cannon's video is trending right now with already over 500,000 views on YouTube. "Neighbor giving



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