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Puppy Dogs First Monday

18 September, 2019

Donkey Plays with Popped Toy

15 September, 2019



Everything Wrong With Deadpool

Nearly two million views on this video uploaded by Cinema Sins a day ago. "Deadpool. Yeah, he kind of sins


Top 100 Viral Videos Of The Year 2016 By JukinVideo

JunkinVideo put together their top 100 most viral videos of the year. So if you happen to have some spare


10,000 Sparklers Burning At Once

Ukranian YouTuber Slivki Show did inflame 10,000 sparklers at once - to celebrate upcoming New Year's and so you don't


Top Hits Of 2016 In 3 Minute Medley

Another beautiful recap medley of the best songs in 2016 performed by Michael and Carissa Alvarado aka Us The Duo.


Driving Hitting 240 Green Lights In A Row

For some people, "luck" is to win in the lottery, for others it is to have lots of green lights


Peacock Spiders Celebrating Christmas

Snake Buddies edited scenes of videos by PeacockSpiderMan to make them a little more christmassy. With little instruments and Christmas


Father Shows Daughter Video Proof Of Santa’s Visit

What a lovely idea! Michał Mogiła wanted to give his daughter her faith in Santa back, so he taped his


If Hotel Ads Were Honest

Another viral going issue of the "Honest Ads" by Cracked. This hotel edition got over 340,000 views already. "Maybe don't


Epic Rap Battle: Theodore Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill

The newest edition of Epic Rap Battles of History already got over 2.4 million views after just a day being


How To Pitch A Tent With Babies

Again we get to see a valuable lesson by YouTube-Dad Jordan Watson who builds a tent for us in several


60 Year Old Surprise Visits His 80 Year Old Parents On Christmas

Kellen Pierce got a viral hit showing his dad surprising his grandparents with a surprise visit in the car, disguised


Playing Dominoes With Bricks

If you tend to get bored while working in the mid-December sun in Australia, you get crazy ideas. Like these



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