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Animals Hugging Humans

If you own a pet, I'm sure you love to hug it. A lot. But did you know there are


Deer Goes Grocery Shopping

Animals are taking over!! A deer has been spotted bargain hunting in a grocery store! Imagine what would happen if


What If Cats Could Buy And Sell Real Estate

Who would've thought cats would clog the housing market even more? Because, obviously, Cat Law states that cats can legally


Jealous Husky

It's just a stuffed animal, but to this husky it looks like the new kid on the block. Better think


Unique Footage After Seagull Theft

Grand Theft GoPro. This seagull looks around to see if no-one's watching and snatches the expensive little camera. The beginning


Kitty Hears The Can

Nobody enjoys the sound of his alarm more than this kitty. The *pop* of the tuna can, you gotta admit


True Brothers Do Everything Together

Little bird comes in racing to enjoy his meal together with his doggy pals. Look how they even make a


The Cat Wants Candies

I mean, I definitely wouldn't be able to withstand those cute eyes staring at me. Then at the food. Then


Never Tell Me The Odds

According to my calculations, a single trick shot in this video has a chance of 0.071% of succeeding. So multiply


The Goose Against Cows Video Review

As if the video on itself wasn't funny enough, Ozzy Man blesses us with a thorough review of one of


A Guide To Humans

Humans. How to deal with them? It's hard for ourselves to figure out (or at least for me...), let alone


2017 In Google Search Terms

In our rapidly globalising and digitalising world, news events pass as quickly as they came. A handy way of tracking