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Why Cities Are Where They Are

Another informative video by Wendover Productions is trending right now with already over 200,000 views on it's first day being


Movie Scenes Acted So Badly We Can’t Forget Them

Looper got a viral video showing us some of the worst acting of movie history. Maybe you recognize some of


Super Mario Stopmotion Made Of Rubik’s Cubes

This video by jugglersynchro from 2015 is getting lots of hits recently. The stopmotion based on hundreds of rubik's cubes


Billy On The Street Asks Gay People Whether They Care About John Oliver

Another extremely funny video from Billy On The Street showing Emmy award winner John Oliver shadowing Billy hitting the streets


4-Year Old Gives Best Advice For New Year’s Resolutions

Maybe you have some resolutions for the new year, that you still want to get realized in 2017. I for


Don’t Forget To Tow Your Car On A Cruiseship

Otherwise you might get in really big trouble... Storyful News uploaded this clip by Chlöe Swift showing a car making


Best of Dude Perfect 2016

Another best of going viral. This time the guys from Dude Perfect put together a nice compilation of the best


Two Year Old Miraculously Saves Twin Brother

This video of two twin boys falling down a cupboard is trending right now with over five million views already.


Why the Chicken Got Domesticated

Sam O’Nella Academy took a look at the history of chickens and eggs. When and why did they get domesticated


If Every Famous Diet Idea Was Honest

Another entertaining issue of "Honest Ads" by Cracked. This time they tell us the truth about diets. Probably a good


How To Make A Skateboard From Toilet Paper

Beyond The Press uses a hydraulic press to turn a bunch of toilet paper rolls into a skateboard deck. It


The Worst New Year’s Countdown of 2016

So this is... awkward. At least. The Australian tv show "The Loop" tried to get some emotions into the final