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How To Be A Professor

Not sure what to be when you grow up? This video briefly explains how to be a professor, and really,


Smuggling Your Own Food Into Cinemas Like A Pro

Okay, so you've gotten past the entrance and ticket control, now what? How are you going to eat the delicious


When VR Gets Too Scary

You can't bare that scary VR on your own anymore and need some reassurance. It doesn't matter who or what


All I Want For Christmas Is A Nap

When you finally end up on Santa Claus' lap, you can ask for anything your little brain can think of.


Ram Is An Alcoholic

An like any other alcoholic, it won't take no for an answer when trying to enter the liquor store. Good


Bear Is Having A Party

All by himself. Who says friends and family are the most important in life, when you can just be by


Thomas Train Stunts

Thomas Train toys can be pretty extreme, depending on your set-up. This guy took playing with trains to a whole


A Guitar For One Measly Dollar?

Well, to be fair, the sizing is something you'll have to get used to. But apart from that, the thing


If Tampon Ads Were Honest

Tampon ads always make it sound like that period is supposed to be one big party. Well, guess what, silly advertisers


Cat Playing With Rhino

It's not a joke, any animal can become friends with any other animal, under the right circumstances. And let's pretend


Grandma Shows Off Impressive Tambourine Skills At Football Game

When the game isn't that interesting, at least this skilled grandma is worth paying attention to. Mad skills granny! [embed][/embed]


Cute Dog Trying To Catch Snow

It's that time of the year, those white fluffy drops come falling out of the sky again! Even though their