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Romantic Dinner With Your Cat

This is how it's done! [embed][/embed]

Working At The Car Wash

Not sure if funny ride or about to throw up. [embed][/embed]

Maru The Baker Cat

Let me create some delicious bread for ya'. [embed][/embed]

Must. Protect. Leo.

Dog is totally into the famous Leonardo Di Caprio flick. [embed][/embed]

This Is Lotte

She grew up alright. [embed][/embed]

The Coolest People Of The Month

It's okay to be a little proud for being human. [embed][/embed]

Cat In A Box

Jack in a box but a little different. [embed][/embed]

Polite French Animals

Cat and bird know how to role-play. The French accents really crack me up! [embed][/embed]

Be The First To Buy The iPhone X

A fake one though, but that's just a minor detail. [embed][/embed]

Oh, Your Halloween Candy? I Ate It.

Jimmy Kimmel probably isn't dad of the year. [embed][/embed]

Animals Are Peculiar Jumpers

They either very good at it, or they just suck balls. [embed][/embed]

Your Weekly Dose Of Fails

Watch a few fails a day to keep the doctor away. [embed][/embed]


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