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The Squid Who Hid

A Cute Little Squid Hides Himself Get ready to watch an overwhelmingly cute video of a tiny little Bobtail Squid.


Dancing with Donald Duck

Dance Off With Donald Duck What a great video clip we have today. You need to see this nice and


Epic Ninja Training Fall

Guy Has An Epic Ninja Training Fall We have somewhat of a fail in today's video. In the clip we


The Hazards of Being a Wildlife Photographer

An Example of the Hazards of Being a Wildlife Photographer What a funny wildlife video we have today. This video


Grouchy Dog Breaks Up Harmless Puppy Fight

Mom Dog Breaks Up a Puppy Fight Have you ever seen a mama dog doing some serious parenting? Well don't


Opening a Pearl Filled Oyster

Opening a Pearl Filled Oyster Have you ever actually seen an oyster with a pearl in it? If not then


Kitty Loves Keyboard

Kitty Loves playing With Keyboard a Little Too Much We got a very sweet video for the world today. Do


Dwarf Goat Uses Cow as Personal Playground

Dwarf Goat Plays On Top of Cow Check this video out of a small cute goat using a big Scottish


Dog Helps Duck Reach New Heights

Duck Climbs Dog to Reach New Heights Do you feel like seeing a funny video? This one is sure to


Car Sandwiched Between Semi and Concrete Barrier

Car Trapped Between Semi Truck and Concrete Barrier Car accidents are very common these days, but even though we hear


Malamute Pack Help Walk Owner

A Pack of Malamute Dogs Walk the Owner Have you ever seen a person walking more than 3 dogs at


Enormous Newfoundland gives woman full body hug

Huge Dog Gives Woman Body Hug It's time for a short and sweet video. This is a short clip of