Scuba Diver Runs Into Very Strange Ocean Creature

The sea is full of creatures that few people in the world know about, and only a hand full of those have seen. A diver named Brent captured a wonderful video of the moment he runs into a very strange looking creature at the bottom of the sea floor.

This creature at first glance looks to be like a fish that is resting upside down. The diver decides to get a closer look at the strange looking fish and dives deeper to get right next it. After seeing it from very close he recognizes the creature from other’s photos. This creature apparently is called a Remora. And in this case it’s strangely resting on the sea floor. The video then ends with Brent swimming over and away from the Remora letting it be in peace and continuing to do whatever it was doing at the bottom of the ocean. A nice peaceful video that reminds you that our planet Earth is full of beautiful diversities in its wild life that’s worth taking care of.