Toddler Hilariously Demonstrates How Pregnant Mom Walks

Here we get to appreciate a 15 month old toddler’s very funny moment. This little girl decides to imitate how her pregnant mom walks for everyone in the room and it’s hilarious. I have never seen a toddler doing this, the 15 month old girl begins to walk around the room with her belly out in front of her and sticking her little arms out. It’s definitely going to be one of the cutest things you have seen today. As the girl is pulling off the impression she makes the cutest face too, it’s adorable. Of course you can hear mom laughing away behind the camera, and a few seconds into the video both dad and the dog seem to join in on the fun as well, the whole video ends up being a circus show.

It’s a video with a sweet combination of cute and funny, this girl is going to make a great sister. This is one you’ll most likely want to share with all those who have or want to have a baby. This clip will probably make you remember any good times you may have had with your own family in the past like it did to me. Enjoy!