Pressure Washer Gets Out of Control and It’s Hilarious

Probably one of the funniest videos you will see this whole week. We get to see why a video of a guy working at a car wash went viral. The video shows the moment a pressure washer gets out of hand ‘literally’, when a car wash employee is just doing his job. As this man is about to use the pressure washer to rinse off a car for some reason the pressure from the washer becomes too much for the guy to handle and causes a hilarious scene. The washer throws the guy around like a rag doll. It looks like the type of thing you would only see in a cartoon!

Fortunately for us but unfortunate for the employee, this whole 10 second ordeal was caught on camera. The video seems to be shot by a couple of guys in a car that is next in line to be washed. As the whole thing was being recorded of course you can also hear the laughter of these two fellas in the car. These guys were laughing hard, and in all honesty you really can’t blame them. After seeing a scene like this I don’t think you could hold in the laughter even if you tried.