Squirrel Tries To Hide His Acorn In Dog’s Fur

We got a cute and funny video of a squirrel and a dog today. I had never seen something like this before this video. A squirrel tries to bury his acorn in a dog’s fur. It’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, the little guy really seems to believe he can pull it off. In the video we see a cute little squirrel go up to a big dog who is just chilling out in a living room and try to literally hide his acorn in his fur. He gets to the dog and tries digging a spot for his acorn, then tries to cover it up. You can see his little arms moving as if he were dealing with dirt and not fur.

This video is both funny and cute because everything in it is adorable. You have the big pretty dog who’s just chilling out, the cute little squirrel and the squirrel’s tiny arms, hands trying to dig into the fur thinking that it is really going to work. Needles to say it didn’t, but fortunately the squirrel didn’t seem to take it badly. After the acorn falls out of the fur, the little guy just picks up his acorn, makes sure it’s still good and walks off looking for a better spot to hide his precious little acorn.