Adorable Puppy Looks Like a Stuffed Animal On Top a Stuffed Animal

Get ready for a cuteness overload. Here we see an adorable white puppy that literally looks like a soft squeezable stuffed animal. The puppy in this short video is all stretched out on top of a real stuffed animal and is just too cute. He looks to be all fluffy and lovable. The video begins as a top view of the cute little dog laying on top of his favorite large gray stuffed animal. You get to see his tiny little legs all stretched out and at fist glance you really can’t tell that it is a real living breathing dog. Since he doesn’t move very much because he is just chilling you easily jump to the conclusion that your seeing a stuffed animal. You can probably correctly guess that the dog has a proud owner as well.

There really is no reason why this video wouldn’t go viral. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the owner started a new Instagram account for the dog either. And if that were the case, there is no doubt that the dog would be more popular and have more followers than any of us boring old humans.