Squirrel Jumps Onto a UPS Delivery Guy

In this video we see how a UPS delivery guy gets a really cool surprise while doing his job. In the video we see how the guy walks up to a house door to deliver a package when suddenly he feels something jump on his back. At first you can see the surprised and frightened expression he gets on his face, that is until he is able to see that it was just a friendly gray little squirrel. The little guy poked his head out from the left side behind a wall and then decides to jump onto the delivery guy’s back. He walks around a bit and even gets on his head for a couple of seconds before deciding to jump off.

This moment is priceless. You’re able to see how the guy’s expression changes to a big smile after he realizes it’s a little squirrel that just jumped on his back. He even begins to laugh a the situation which then makes you laugh. And his laugh most likely made the package recipient laugh too. The guy was laughing when someone opened the door, so this probably made the person ask him why he was laughing. This moment definitely makes for a good conversation when someone asks the guy how was work today.