Flash Flood in California

California has suffered many natural disasters in the last few years, these have mostly taken on the form of wild fires. Because of this California skies have been filled with thick smoke for too long. But now, we see the complete opposite in this video. Here we see how a flash flood was captured on camera! The video begins with a guy driving up to a spot on the road in a truck where some water was beginning to slide past. The guy was relaxed and didn’t seem to be too surprised buy this situation. Until suddenly the water begins to gush from the left, then the guy begins to stop believing what he is seeing. He actually gets surprised after you see the water beginning to rush past in larger quantities. The man is even forced to backup his truck to a safe distance to avoid getting caught up in the current.

It’s very nice to see that California is no longer in a state of emergency due to the drought. But lets also hope that these flash floods don’t begin to get out of control too much like the wild fires did. Floods after all can be just as devastating as wild fires.