Dragon’s Nest Wingsuit Jump

Today we have an epic adrenaline pumping video. A guy in a wingsuit jumps and glides over a very sharp cliff! At first you look at the jump and easily think that the guy might not make it but according to the guy’s calculations he even had some margin to play with. The video begins with the guy counting down until he takes the leap. It’s pretty amazing to see how he doesn’t hold back even a little bit. The shots that were taken were pretty amazing too, he fortunately even had 3 different angles that he recorded. In the last of the three angles you get to hear the reactions of his friends after he jumps off the cliff. His friends are just as pumped as the guy in the wingsuit if not, more.
This is the type of thing only adrenaline lovers can pull off. It’s probably hard to even watch for most of us. But it is very cool to see how the guy is not only able to glide gracefully all the way to the ground but also make a perfect painless stress free landing. The literally lands as if he were stepping off a stair case. It’s a an amazing video you should definitely share with your adrenaline loving friends.