Sliding a Kayak Down a Big Snowy Hill

After watching this short clip I can guarantee you will want to take a nice winter vacation wherever there is snow. This is an awesome short video recorded by a guy who was enjoying the snowy hills of Asheville. And he is enjoying those hills in the best way possible, this guy obviously knows how to have fun. Who wouldn’t love to go down that hill, it doesn’t look too large nor too small. The hill instead looks like just the right height and inclination to have a great slide down.

Judging by the person of view angle of the video it seems this guy was wearing the camera on some part of his body. Thanks to this we’re able to enjoy a bit of that sensation he probably felt while sliding down at the awesome speed
he looked to be travelling at. One can’t help but envy the fun this guy probably had that whole day. I for one am going to make sure I get to do some sledding as soon as I’m able to. It’s a cool short video to watch, don’t miss out.