Cats Jump Up at the Same Time and Land On Each Other

Today we have a very strange video to share. This will be one of the strangest videos you’ve seen in a long time. Someone seems to have randomly video taped a couple of cats that were just hanging out without expecting what happens next. Two cats jump up on to a brick wall at the same time and in some crazy coincidence manage to land on the same exact spot. One cat lands over the other, if you’re a believer in the simulation theory, then you believe that the universe and everything within it including our planet Earth and these two cats are part of a huge computer simulation. Then you will most likely also believe that this incident is a glitch in the system? But no, it’s probably just a coincidence.

Very strange incident caught on camera. It’s also a video that is a little hard to explain, it’s much easier to understand it when you watch it. So when you want to share it with your friends save yourself the stress of trying to do so and just show it to them instead. It’s a strange but cool short video.