Car Waiting At Railway Crossing Has Honk-Off With Train

Traffic can be very boring, waiting for a long train to pass can be just as boring. So it really shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see a train conductor and a driver having fun once in a while. In this video a car that’s heard from a distance can be heard having a honk off with the actual train. When the train begins to pass through where all the cars are waiting, the train honks as is usually the case to let people around know that it’s approaching. But this time, the train horn gets imitated by a bored car driver. Each time the train blows its horn you can hear a car at a distance replying. This repeats until the train conductor passes through. Then of course you’re able to hear how the guy who is recording begins to laugh at the honk off.

This is a great way to keep from getting too bored when waiting for the train to pass. It not only may brighten your day, but also the rest of the drivers around you. It’s simply a fun little honk off to kill some time is what it is. This is a fun short video!