Accident Ends with a Pile Up of Three Cars

Today we have a pretty crazy video taken on thanksgiving. Here we get to see a car accident that somehow ends up with a pile up of three cars! This video will most likely leave you speechless for the first few seconds you watch it. The video is taken by a guy walking past the actual accident and is somewhat at a lost for words as he walks by with the camera out recording. The accident had already taken place before this video was recorded, but just seeing the aftermath makes you doubt that what you’re looking at is real.

Apparently, an elderly man was driving a white chevrolet car and for some reason ran into a parked SUV. The guy who recorded the camera says that he probably fell asleep at the wheel, which very well may be true but isn’t known for sure. The SUV that the elderly man ran into ended up on top of a gray that was also parked behind it. And so it appears that the elderly man pushed the whole darn SUV on top of that gray car. For this to happened I imagine that the elderly man had to have hit the SUV pretty damn hard! So it’s pretty amazing to see the man getting out of his car towards the end of the video without any obvious serious injuries.