Bear Enjoys Snack on Blanket

Have you ever seen someone feed a bear with a spoon? If not that can change today if you watch this video. Today we have a clip of someone doing exactly that, feeding a huge bear with a spoon! This probably isn’t something that most people would do under normal circumstances so it’s very strange to see this being done in this video. Unfortunately we’re not actually sure what the story behind this clip is so we’re not actually sure if this bear is trained or not.
We think that if the person in this video was comfortable enough to actually be sitting down while feeding the bear that’s probably because they know the bear is either trained or knows them well. It may be that the person actually raised this animal since it was a cub. But either way we have to remember that wild animals act on instinct and you can never really be sure that they’re not going to rip your face off. Wild animals belong in the wild and no where else.