Huge Dog Gives Woman Body Hug

It’s time for a short and sweet video. This is a short clip of a huge black Newfoundland dog giving a woman a big old body hig. This big cute dog is said to weigh 180 pounds, so it’s no surprise to hear that some of the people at the park where the video was taken were worried at first because they thought the dog was attacking the woman. But it turns out that this is just a big nice dog that loves people. It’s hard to tell from the clip if the woman who was being hugged was afraid or not, but the person holding the camera reassures her by letting her know that the dog’s owner said that it was fine.
At the end of the video the woman manages to get this big dog off of her and then starts to pet him. This leads you to think that she probably wasn’t terrified of the dog, but might have been worried. Understandably anyone who doesn’t know this dog most likely will be afraid of getting close to it. It is after all better to play it safe than to be sorry. But this big guy doesn’t seem to be the aggressive type, instead he just seems to be a giant fluffy and huggable dog.