A Pack of Malamute Dogs Walk the Owner

Have you ever seen a person walking more than 3 dogs at the same time? If you have then you’ve probably seen how it can get complicated real fast. How about a single person walking more than 3 big 60 pound dogs? Well if you’ve never seen a crazy scene like that before then today is you’re lucky day. We have a video of a woman walking not 3, not 5 but 7 Malamute dogs! If you don’t know this is a breed of dogs that is regularly confused with Siberian Huskys. These are big fluffy dogs that can weigh up to 80 pounds!

The video is a short but sweet one, this woman who by the way doesn’t look to be very big herself holds 7 different leashes with both of her hands. She doesn’t look to be struggling too much in the video but if those big fluffy dogs decided that they weren’t gonna wait for her there really isn’t too much she could probably do about it. But is does look very cute how these 7 big chill dogs are walking at a calm pace with the owner. It is actually unclear weather or not she actually is the owner but that doesn’t really matter here. It’s simply funny to see how it looks like these dogs are walking here instead of the other way around.