Car Trapped Between Semi Truck and Concrete Barrier

Car accidents are very common these days, but even though we hear about them all of the time we regularly forget to take the road very seriously. Once in a while a bad accident is caught on camera and even though this is a very unfortunate event for the driver behind the wheel, this serves as a very good reminder to the rest of us. This time we have a video of a bar car accident where a car gets sandwiched between a semi truck and a concrete wall.
The video seems to have been recorded by a truck driver who happened to be right behind the accident as it accrued. This truck driver seemed to be speaking on the phone with speaker turned on but he had nothing to do with the accident. In front of him you see a black SUV who tries to overpass another semi truck but fails. The SUV was in a lane that had ended after failing to see a warning sign that said lane ends. The SUV ended up between a concrete barrier on the left, and the big semi truck on the right. The car then got to the end of the lane and lost control after hitting the semi truck and the barrier. At the end the black SUV ran into another semi truck’s tire on the right side lane and that is how this video clip ends. This must serve as a reminder to us all that the road can be a very dangerous place if you’re not paying attention.