Duck Climbs Dog to Reach New Heights

Do you feel like seeing a funny video? This one is sure to make you at least smile. We have a bit of a random act caught on camera. This video shows a duck that looks to be someone’s pet, that decided to climb a dog for whatever reason. It’s a funny one, the video begins and ends with the duck quacking away on top of what looks to be a golden retriever.
When you begin to watch the video you can’t help but ask yourself what the duck’s intention was. You really ask yourself what and why, what and why did this duck decide to climb on to this poor dog’s head. Was it to reach something on the counter? Was it because it was bored? This is one of those questions that we will most likely never know the answer to. The only person who might actually know how to answer this is the owner. But the owner doesn’t say a word on video so, we’ll probably never know. Even if this video does leave you a bit confused and with questions its definitely worth a watch and even a share.