Dwarf Goat Plays On Top of Cow

Check this video out of a small cute goat using a big Scottish Highland cow as a full on playground. This is another one of those short but sweet videos. If you like cute animals then this is the video for you. Everything in it is cute, the cute dwarf goat, the big fluffy cute cow and even the farm looks like a wonderful place!
The video starts and ends with the camera pointed at that large pretty Scottish Highland cow. Our large cow fellow is seen just sitting there chilling out minding his own. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that there is a small black goat on his back. The clip shows how the little goat climbs off and on the cow’s back every few seconds. The goat just looks too cute standing on top of the big fellow. He looks even cuter when he’s seen jumping up and down, left and right and all over the place. It’s a very peaceful, calm and sweet scene. It’s a nice video to start your day with a nice sweet and calm feeling. A very good video to start the day and share with your friends.