Kitty Loves playing With Keyboard a Little Too Much

We got a very sweet video for the world today. Do you have a kitty in your family? After watching this video you might either decide that you really do want a cat or that you definitely don’t want one. This is an adorable video of a kitty who loves playing with its owner in the most inconvenient of times. In this video e get to see what happens just as the owner of a cat begins working on the computer.
The video begins with a girl typing away on a laptop. And just as she is typing you see a kitty’s little paw appear from the side of the laptop. There’s a cat behind trying to play with the keyboard. She pops her head in and out, as well as her paw. It’s a very sweet video, but I imagine this isn’t always convenient or cute to the owner. There must be times where the owner is stressed out trying to finish something while her little trouble maker of a cat tries to play with her. It must me the combination of the keyboard clicks, and the fingers moving that attract the kitty. Either way it’s a very cute moment to watch from our point of view.