Opening a Pearl Filled Oyster

Have you ever actually seen an oyster with a pearl in it? If not then today is your lucky day, but not as lucky as the guy who actually found an oyster with about a dozen real pearls inside of it! Apparently this fellow in China bought some oysters and received the surprise of a lifetime! When opening up one of the many oysters he bought he saw many small round objects within it and began to pull them out. These small object were 100% real pearls! And there wasn’t one, there wasn’t two, not even three, there were about a dozen real pearls inside! This guy really hit the jackpot.
The video begins and ends with the camera pointed at the man’s hands dissecting the actual oyster. Needless to say the guy looked pretty happy while he was doing it. I sure know I would be, probably more so than this guy seemed to be. This type of thing is very rare since the odds of you finding a pearl in an oyster is about 1 in 10,000. So this video is something special, this is a jaw dropping find and a very worthy video to share