Mom Dog Breaks Up a Puppy Fight

Have you ever seen a mama dog doing some serious parenting? Well don’t worry if not because we have a video for you showing you exactly this. I will admit I think this is another one of those priceless cute videos. I had never seen a mom actually getting one of her puppies in “trouble” for acting up.
The video begins with a pair of very cute Boxer puppies inside what looks to be a living room. These little guys are just adorable. Then the adorable puppy on the right suddenly begins to try and bite at the adorable puppy on the left just as the mother dog walked up to them. The mama dog was seeing this as it happened and decided she wasn’t going to tolerate this aggressive cuteness, so she begins pawing at the little aggressive puppy to stop him from doing he was doing. She even tried to kind of bite him a bit. But this then was being watched by the owner of the dogs who also decided she wasn’t going to let mama dog be mean to any of the puppies so she intervened. She stopped mama dog from pawing at her puppy and let her know that we have to be nice to the puppies since they’re still babies. This turned out to be a very cute and a very shareable video.