Dance Off With Donald Duck

What a great video clip we have today. You need to see this nice and friendly dance off between a hyped up stranger and a Donald Duck dancing outside of a store. I believe this video falls under the category of friendly and cute, you’ll see why this is as soon as you watch it. This is a very uplifting and friendly video of an employee dancing outside of a clothing store promotional event with a Donald Duck suit on. It is believed that there was a woman inside this suit, and man was she in for a surprise. A random older fellow that was walking by heard the music and decided to join in. But this guy didn’t just start tapping his foot a bit to the rhythm of the music, this guy went full out on his dance moves and was rocking to the music instead of simply dancing. You can tell the guy is just having fun and simply doesn’t care what anyone else around him might think of him. I for one applaud this man for just doing him and enjoying a fun moment without letting anyone else’s opinion affecting what he does and doesn’t do.