Guy Has An Epic Ninja Training Fall

We have somewhat of a fail in today’s video. In the clip we see a guy from Chicago that seems to be doing some fitness training to participate in the televised competition known as Ninja Warrior. The video begins with the guy hanging from two rings tied to something. He seems to be trying to get some momentum to make a jump but after a couple swings the guy takes a nasty fall. But it actually wasn’t his fault, it wasn’t really his fail. One of the rings he was hanging on to got untied and this of course caused him to loose his strong grip with his other hand and with the momentum he had going he was flung forwards.

It’s a funny video at first but at the end of the video you can’t help but wonder if he was ok. The fortunately fell over some padded ground but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be hurt by the force he impacted the ground. Fortunately it doesn’t immediately seem like he was ingured because he ends the video giving an excited shout. Probably the adrenaline pumping through his system.