An Example of the Hazards of Being a Wildlife Photographer

What a funny wildlife video we have today. This video was taken by a married couple of photographers who were out taking some cool wildlife photographs in South Georgia. They were on a big gravel beach filled with king penguins and elephant seals. The video was specifically taken by Jessie’s husban, Jessie is the photographer in the video.
The video begins and ends on Jessie a bit after she laid down to get some cool low angle shots of some passing King Penguins. As Jessie is laying down trying to take some shots a large elephant seal crawls up onto her. I’m not sure if this was actually dangerous or not but Jessie in the video doesn’t look too worried. She mostly laughs at the situation but does look like she would prefer that the big old elephant seal not crush her. Her husband also seemed to be laughing from behind the camera, or at least grinning. You can hear him let Jessie know that he’s recording video, almost as to let her know that they’ll be laughing at this moment afterwards, I sure know I would. What a cool experience she had, it’s a cool moment that will definitely be hard to forget.