A Cute Little Squid Hides Himself

Get ready to watch an overwhelmingly cute video of a tiny little Bobtail Squid. A scuba diver was able to catch a tiny squid hiding himself beneath the sand. The little guy was on top of the sand when the diver begins to record, but almost immediately begins to bury himself under the sand. It’s a very cute scene, the squid first begins to wiggle himself into the sand a bit. Then you see his tiny cute tentacles grab tiny bunches of sand and begins to actually bury himself a little with some sand. It’s too cute, the grains of sand actually look pretty large next to his tiny little body. By the end of the video he successfully hides himself pretty darn well. It would be very easy to miss him if you didn’t know he was there.
I imagine that it’s possible that the little guy was scared by the diver’s camera since he probably had to be very close to take the close up footage that he was able to take. Either way the little guy will be fine and will live to hunt another day.