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Remove Cat Before Flight

A cat always lands safely, is what they say. This cat was ready to take the ultimate test, and board


Cats Adopt A Crow

Cats and birds, normally a toxic and fatal combination. Arch-enemies until the bitter end. But not these guys. The cats


Real Life Trick Shots

Trick shots belong on the basketball court or in a videogame, not on the parking lot or in the kitchen,


Pigs Are Smarter Than You Think

Pigs are often associated with mud and dirtiness. But did you know they are actually one of the smartest animals


This Is One Of The Smallest Restaurants In New York

Eating out is usually associated with dining decadently in a spacious, tasteful establishment. Well, this place has all those things


Hollywood Stunt Falls in Slow Motion

When you're watching a movie, you usually don't see the blood, sweat and tears that go into every stunt. You


10 Epic Weddings Inspired By Disney Movies

The best way to show you're the ultimate Disney fan you ask? Well, look no further. How about arranging the


Dog Tries To Wake Up Sleeping Pig

What do you usually do when your best friend is asleep and you want to play? This dog's best friend


Sit Still I’m Trying To Read!

I don't care, just give me some attentions! Just one attentions, or maybe two! That's all I ask for you


Bella And Pippa

Living life out of a suitcase isn't always as great as it seems. You see more hotels than you see


Horse Plays With Stuffed Toy In The Snow

Does it ever get cuter than this? Despite the cold and the wet hooves, this horse manages to make the


Bearded Dragon Waves Hello

It can be boring sitting behind glass windows all day. People passing by, throwing a glance your way. So why