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Just A Dad Unknowingly Blowing Leaves

There are certain chores you do as a dad that are pretty cool to do. Blowing leaves is one of


BBC Reporter Mobbed By Lemurs

Reporting on location is harder than ever. Danger in looming on every corner, and even in nature nowadays criminals are


A Bad Lip Reading Of Donald Trump

If you follow Trump news, you're guaranteed some frisky oneliners and controversial statements. If you follow content that's being made


Darth Penguin

Penguins are of great use when you need to calm your nerves. Just watch them wiggle about for a few


Best Pets of The Week

I know I can't live a week without checking some adorable animal videos, so this compilation feels like it's made


The Best Bite Of Pizza You’ll Ever Have

I am a huge pizza guy. I love 'em in all sizes and flavours, but generally, the bigger the better.


Is Winter Done Yet?

Wet, snowy or slippery, winter always has some nastiness coming our way. Not to mention the bonebreaking accidents that occur


Sesame Street Puppeteers Explain How They Control Their Puppets

Puppetry may seem like a bland hobby, but it actually involves a lot of skill and dedication to get it


Top 100 Viral Videos Of The Year 2017

It is time for the best of the best. 2017 is long gone by now, but there is stille time


Getting Nails Done

Did you know parrots have very strict cultural beliefs about beauty? In a way, they're very similar to us. Take


Labrador Father Teaches Puppies To Swim

Swimming is an essential skill as a dog to survive. Therefor, the most valuable you can give your offspring as


12 Things Not To Do In Japan

Japan is a very rich and traditional country, and culture. I'm sure you're aware of this when you're visiting, but