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Best News Bloopers Of 2017

I admit, it's a fifteen minute long compilation, but it's so worth it. There were so many news fails this


Animojis Takeover TV

As if we haven't got enough emojis in our life, they are taking over tv now as well! I'm not


Part 2 Of The Best Fails Of 2017

More people face-planting, more kids bumping into things, animals not understanding simple concepts and so on. 2017 was a great


Koala Fight

Koalas cute and harmless? I don't think so. This analysis of a koala fight is intense! The one second it


You Suck At Cooking: Gingerbread Edition

A little late for gingerbread cookies perhaps, but that makes it even more of a surprise! And they're still delicious


Spaghetti In A Sweater

Even though snakes are cold-blooded, they can get cold sometimes. So what better solution than to knit them a custom-sized


Man’s Not Hot – Little Girl Edition

A rap song doesn't get cuter than this. Okay, it might not be a perfect playback show, but she is


How To Wrap Your Cat

Gift-wrapping is no joke. It's difficult and tedious and important. And it can be fun, when done right. This tutorial


They got stuck in the mud and needed to be pulled out!

Kids Stuck In Mud Needed To Be Pulled Out! We got a dirty video today for you. A couple kids