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Scuba Diver Stumbles Upon Very Odd Ocean Creature

Scuba Diver Runs Into Very Strange Ocean Creature The sea is full of creatures that few people in the world


Woman on Hoverboard Takes Out Christmas Tree

Hoverboard Fail Ends With a Messed Up Christmas Tree Here we have a great example of why you shouldn't use


A Man Tosses A Treat At An Orangutan and Gets A Surprise

Man Tosses An Orangutan A Treat and Gets A Surprise A video no one should miss out on! In this


Can’t Hear Honking Because of Headphones

Guy With Headphones Can't Hear Honking A video showing how a guy walking with earphones on crosses a street without


Elephant Sees Her Caregiver Being “Attacked”, Rushes To The Rescue

Elephant Protects Her Caregiver When She's Being "Attacked" In this amazing video we see a 17 year-old female elephant named


Snake in a BBQ

Snake in a backyard BBQ A snake was found in someone's backyard BBQ, the snake then gets taken away by


Tiny Kitten Rescued From Drainage Pipe

Small kitten rescued from drainage pipe A kind group of people save a small cute kitten from a drainage pipe


Footage Shows Plane Landing Too Close For Comfort In Costa Rica

Footage of Plane Landing Too Close For Comfort Short clip of a large passenger plane in Costa Rica landing way


Pomeranian sleeps in backpack during subway commute

Adorable Pomeranian Puppy Sleeps in Backpack A short video of an adorable Pomeranian Puppy sleeping inside the owners backpack. This


Woman fights off thief who attempted to steal her bag

Viral Video of Woman that fights off thief A spectacular viral video of a woman who fights off thieves who


Killer whale hits stingray hard with its fin

Incredible video of Killer whale hitting stingray hard with its fin This is an incredible video shot by a diver


Creepy fish follows this person’s every move

Creepy fish follows your every move Here we get to see how a creepy fish follows a person’s every move