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How College is Funded?

23 November, 2021



Snowmobile Jump Fail


How To Harness the Power of Videos for Viral Marketing

[embed][/embed] How To Harness the Power of Videos for Viral Marketing As a business owner, one of the most difficult…

Black Friday TV Mania

Black Friday TV Mania Caught On Tape! [rumble][/rumble]

Arguably The Most Epic Thanksgiving Day NFL Game In History

Answer: The Epic 1993 Thanksgiving Cowboys-Dolphins Game. Here Are 5 Obscure Facts On That Game. [rumble][/rumble]

Curious Killer Whale Literally Swims Beside Man In Kayak


Stunning Christmas decorations captured in London

Check out the wonderful Christmas decorations on Oxford Street in London. Beautiful! Killer Christmas Viral Videos [rumble][/rumble]

Hunting Sea Lion Herds School of Fish for a Feast

This sea lion was spotted herding a school of zebra fish near a dock at Port Lincoln in South Australia.…

Manatees cause ripples when man “throws” water in river

Maria McCormick shot this video of an unusual occurrence as her husband Scott was tossing water from their boat into…

Brothers Being Bad

Capturing those beautiful moments when brothers are being brothers. They are being bad brothers. Cute Kid Videos | Cute Brother…

Drone Tries To Steal Bike

Drone picks up bicycle and attempts to steal the mountain bike. [rumble][/rumble]

Comic book fans mourn loss of ‘one of the greats’ | Stan Lee Dies At Age 95

Shock among comic book fans upon learning of the death of Stan Lee. The comic book titan, who dreamed up…

Spider-Man creator, comic book titan Stan Lee dies



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