Puppy Wants to Go to School Riding Backpack!

Today we get to see how excited some puppies can be about school! Here we see a small and very cute Labrador puppy trying to hitch a ride to school on a backpack with wheels. The video begins and ends on a girl with a backpack rolling the backpack around to give the cute puppy a free ride for a while. The puppy seemed to be digging it from beginning to end, he kept trying to get on although he wasn’t always able to stay on for long.
This is a very cute short video that might even make you remember some good times with your own pet. It’s always nice to see happy dogs being cared for. In this video you can tell that this puppy has a loving family that takes good care of him. Just looking at the dog you can tell, I mean he looks to be very clean and nicely fed. He isn’t skinny and he’s most definitely not dirty. He has nice clean white fur which I’m sure is not easy to keep white. Knowing how messy some dogs can be and especially when they’re puppies this says a lot about the dog owners.