Capuchin Monkeys Scream In Excitement Upon Grandma’s Return

We have a bit of an emotional animal video to share today. This clip shows a Capuchin Monkey screaming in excitement upon seeing grandma’s arrival. The video takes place in what looks to be a living room. We get to see how the pet monkey reacts the precise moment that the elderly lady walks in the room. The monkey begins screaming almost in disbelief. At first you can’t really tell if it is screaming from fear or joy but by the end of the video you can bet on the fact that this was one excited monkey. No negative feelings in this video. There was actually two monkeys in the room and both went up to the lady to greet her. But only one of them starts screaming in excitement and disbelief.
We should keep in mind that monkeys are wild animals and aren’t meant nor do they probably make good pets. These high energy fellows might drive you crazy if you try having them in a house. This makes you wonder if maybe these monkeys were actually rescued and not just adopted. That would make for a nice back story wouldn’t it?