Dog Tries to Sing Along to Favorite Song

What a wonderful clip of a nice young dog trying to sing along to his favorite song. Ollie is a 1 year, 4 month old white German Shepherd that apparently likes to sing along to music! Now this video shows this great big German Shepherd laying on a bed while his owner tells his Google smart assistant to play a certain song. Apparently it is Ollie’s favorite song as he begins howling soon after the song starts playing. It’s actually hard to tell if the dog is enjoying the song or dislikes it. If he does dislike the music either way he looks calm enough to not be bothered enough to get up and leave the room.
I imagine this probably isn’t always the funniest thing for your dog to do. Since I imagine that sometime you really do feel like listening to some good music without having this constant howling behind you. But either way, it’s much better o have your old faithful companion by your side even if you do want to enjoy your music. I guess you could call that revenge for all the times we mess and bother our own pets.