Explosion Turns Man Into A Human Fireball

A bad car accident was caught on camera on an icy road. This video caught the accident as it took place and the unfortunate event that followed. After the initial crash a van lights on fire and a man gets out of the car in a hurry after the flame caught him on fire. The poor man speeds out and tries to get onto the snow to put the fire out. A few people from other cars that were watching this play out close by hurried to help the man. The man was unfortunately on fire for many seconds, possibly enough time for the fire to cause some real damage. Fortunately the man with the help of another man was able to put his fire out. We don’t know if the man was injured or how badly we con only wish him the best.
I can’t imagine what it feels like to be on fire so I can only imagine how scary it must have been. Thinking straight in a situation like that probably isn’t easy, this is most likely the reason the man took about 5 seconds or more to come to his senses and try and roll in the wet snow to put out the fire. It’s a chilling video to watch.